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We're changing how you use "stuff".

Make money from stuff you already own. Get the things you need quickly and easily.
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The next big social marketplace.

PartiO is a social marketplace with the goal of revolutionizing the way college students use their stuff.

Rent instead of buying.

If you only need something for a short time, borrow it from members of the community, saving time and money.

Find items within your college.

Your friends and classmates already own the things you need. PartiO provides a mechanism to connect you to those goods.

Profit from what you own

Earn money simply by renting out things you don't need on a daily basis. 

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Have extra stuff in your room? Need some cash? Join the PartiO community!!

Unique Image Scanning Technology

Scan your product with our product recognition software. Just take a picture of your item and our software will find it's closest match, providing you with a recommended price and eliminating cumbersome data entry.

Completely Autonomous Platform

PartiO has built in calling, texting, and mapping features that help protect your privacy and ensure simplicity of usage.

User Rating System

As a system built on trust, PartiO is keen on ensuring the quality of items and users on the platform. Therefore, we have a rating system that helps weed out mal-use and protect our users. We also have practices to prevent item damages.

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PartiO is all about the sharing economy. Why buy and waste when you can rent?

How does it work? Click a feature to demo!

How does it work?

Scan your product
Set pricing
Accept/deny rental requests
Get paid!
Search the inventory
Shout Out!
Request rental from user
Chat with requestor/owner
Meet user locally
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“The app design is great and shows
the power of people with a passion. The UI makes for a great experience.”

Most commonly rented item? "I've rented a Digital Camera, Textbooks, Camping Gear, and a Jersey" - One Kings Lane What can I rent on PartiO?

“PartiO is easy to use and intuitive. It's also practical and fun. It's literally changed the way I cram for exams.”

How long can I rent an item? Any amount of time between one day and one semester! How can I borrow something?

“PartiO makes it easier and cheaper to get the stuff you need, and gets moneys for those with extra stuff. It's a win-win for everyone.”

Are there any protections for users? PartiO takes the quality of our community very seriously! We have strict rules to
maintain an excellent user experience.
Read more about protections

“PartiO promises to revolutionise renting - why buy more when my friends have what I need?”

How does PartiO work? 1. Download the PartiO app and click either Share or Rent.
2. See what's avaliable in your area, or add items to make $$!
Learn More!

“PartiO has given me the opportunity to make some spare cash over the course of the year - it's really helped out!”

Does PartiO take any of the money? As we're just getting started, we're not taking any proceeds from transactions on our platform! Read more about PartiO's policies!
Lauren Hagedorn
  • Lauren Hagedorn
  • Pysch/Enviro Studies, Duke University
  • Tanaka
  • Computer Science, Duke University
Jack Gavigan
  • Jack Gavigan
  • Pre-Med, Duke University
Adam Yaseem
  • Adam Yaseem
  • Biophysics, Duke University
Pedro Vadeer
  • Pedro Vadeer
  • Computer Science, Duke University
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Meet our Team

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Talles Souza

Talles is a passionate entrepreneur fascinated by the fields of Finance and Technology. His goal with partiO is to find the best people for the team in order to create a platform that will increase the efficiency of goods. Talles’ goal is to someday be able to rent a Nintendo 3DS and Pokemon game through partiO.

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Trent Large

Trenton is a tech nerd who spends his free time reading every news blog known to man. He also happens to be the CTO of partiO. He’s currently directing the build-out of the partiO platform and is excited to be able to rent out his tri-lingual collection of Harry Potter books in the near future.

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Christopher Grant

Grant is in charge of fostering business partnerships at partiO. He’s also the resident problem-solver and visionary and is approximately five steps ahead of any issue.

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Linda Cyr

Linda is an advisor at partiO. Formerly an entrepreneurship faculty member at Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan, Linda has advised teams in many entrepreneurial ventures. She is energized to be working with the partiO team and is committed to helping it reach its full potential.

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Salman Azhar

Salman Azhar is currently Entrepreneur in Residence and Visiting Associate Professor at Duke University. He also is the Chief Product Officer at iSKY, a growing customer experience management company. He an Charter Member of TiE Silicon Valley, and an advisor to over 10 startups and venture funds.

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Chunge Wang

Chunge is a business analyst at partiO and works on a variety of projects on a day to day basis. He believes that partiO will greatly improve lifestyle of users and the use of belongings.